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Recumbent cyclists from Komárom-Esztergom county called the group to life in order to organize joint tours, excursions and programs in order to popularize this special vehicle.

Since many rekus are not on Facebook (either), that's why we created this website, where we can regularly give news about ourselves and our programs in a more customized way, regardless of social media.

First, we chatted in a Facebook room (thanks to our friend Pali!), then Jenő proposed the idea of a Tata rekus meeting. We created a Facebook group for this purpose, where we announced the organization of the meeting for the first time.

We are not exaggerating when we say that we created a tradition in 2022. We managed to organize a pleasant, informative, and active long weekend, and based on the feedback received, we decided to repeat this annually.

In 2023, we already had over 70 participants at the meeting. It was a pleasure for us to see more and more guests from surrounding countries. There were participants who even traveled to the meeting from several hundred kilometers away by bicycle.

Of course, among so many foreign guests, we would have had difficulty navigating if it weren't for Gabi, who spoke alternately in three or four languages for four days.


The meeting will be held again in 2024, the details of which can be found here. On the registration page, it is possible to request a high-quality technical t-shirt with the logo of the meeting and other items and accessories.

Since the founding of the group, in addition to the regular spring meeting, we have organized smaller and larger tours and programs, for which we warmly welcome interested parties and participants from outside the county!